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What we wish we hadn't watched

"Mum standing in front of the football on tv - ‘I never cared much for Wayne Rooney but now he’s moved into management I’m much more sympathetic.’ " Check out @jennyeblount on Instagram. ©️JennyBlount.

As we move into the second week of our national lockdown, things can start to feel stale, any perceived novelty can lessen and this is when the real coping mechanisms come into play. Self care has never been more important. It's also becoming clear that self care is not necessarily expensive spa days and bottomless margarita brunches. That in it's most distilled form it's taking time to luxuriate in rest, follow our interests without judgement and feed our creative selves with nourishment.

The most accessible nourishment in lockdown? It's got to be Netflix and co. If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed with what to watch to keep yourself entertained during lockdown, we thought we would compile a list of "things we wish we hadn't watched", the things we wish we'd kept for quarantine! If only we had known...

The Guilty Pleasure - True Blood

On the surface, lot's of good looking people with fangs biting each other. What's not to love? But it's so much more than that - trust us. A clever narrative structure, strong female roles and drenched in gothic wit - it's a dam treat. Sexy, fresh and unabashedly peculiar. The overarching theme of the struggle for vampire equality has echoes of an allegory for the LGBT rights movement. It's a clever, dark and sumptuous story- so cosy-up with a glass of red (you are welcome)

The Escape - Mad Men

If it all gets a bit much, let's remember that we've come a long way as human beings on this planet. Mad Men ticks a lot of escapism boxes. Diving into a rich and juicy slice of history is a great way to escape the immediacy of isolation. Well, tick! Not only is Mad Men a gorgeously done re-imagining of early 60's America, it's also a great reminder of how far the feminist movement has brought us. Double Whammy. Home run? Elizabeth Moss sticking it to the man. Think that's all we need to say about this one.

The Wow-factor - Horse Girl

This film will blow your mind - in all the ways. A 2020 psychological drama written by and starring Alison Brie, it's an inspiring, jaw dropping and soul-moving exploration of topics I won't go into here to keep the watching experience as intense as it should be - just watch the trailer). Gripping and gap-out-loud powerful, I was sad it was over before it even finished. Could be a great one to watch with friends, just expect the group chat to be blowing UP.

The Voice You Need In Your Head - Queer Eye

If there was ever a time we needed the Fab 5, it's bloody well now. Full of life affirming revelations, mantra worthy wisdom and everyday self care suggestions - Queer Eye is where it's at in isolation. Soothing, Teary and a gentle reminder to that what we bring to the table, no matter what we are made to feel, is enough. So enough. And that we deserve to celebrate ourselves. Hunny!