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The Dinner Party

“I thought you a bird and built you a nest in my heart”

A dinner party for four. Whisky for two. One woman alone.

A story told from the perspective of a woman with nothing left and those who care about her more than she will know.

The Dinner Party is a surrealist short film which draws inspiration from the modern thriller genre underscored with an old-Hollywood romance.

Chalkboard's first film production project. We blogged about the process here.

  • Director - Milly Garnier. Milly’s most recent project was a short, The Leaving Party, which was funded by Bumble’s Female Film Force and is currently on the festival circuit.

  • Co-producers -  2ED'SBETTERTHAN1. DOP - Ed Weller and Gaffer Ed Brooks. Graduating in 2018, Ed Weller and Ed Brooks started up their own independent production company ‘2EdsBetterThan1’ and have worked closely with one of the world leading documentary festivals ‘Sheffield Doc/Fest’. Specialising in Cinematography and from time to time assuming the role of Director (as done with M.Parker which stars Olivia Foan) They have honed thier skills to tell stories that have introspective qualities and a human relatability.

  • Sound - David Reiverson. For the past four years David has worked with the University of Central Lancashire to bring their Acting BA students show reel material to be shown to agents across the country and in venues such as the Royal Exchange. In the past year he has been a part of two short film productions as a sound mixer called 'Primrose - A short film' and 'U+I', the latter now in its editing stage.

  • Assistant Producer - Max Wintle. Max has worked on a variety of projects in TV such as comedy from scripted shows like Motherland and Witless to non- scripted entertainment programmes like Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father and The Mash Report.

  • Original Score - S.A.R.A music will be working with the team to develop a bespoke soundtrack for the film that supports the dramaturgy. Born in North London, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and sound artist; S.A.A.R.A, began her career in music as a bass player. Over years, she honed her songwriting, production and performance skills through her involvement in a diverse range of projects including City Lights (garage rock), Ezra Bang and Hot Machine (“guerilla funk”), Ash Walker (trip-hop), Third Uncle (alt-indie) and, most recently Westerman (alt-pop). Recently completing a Masters in Experimental Music at Brunel University and working with Brunel DAP-Lab, S.A.A.R.A experiments with the creation of immersive, interactive multimedia environments that use sound and video to explore our perception of reality.

  • Writer - Matthew Dorrel. Matt is a screenwriter who also runs the LAZYFILMBLOG (https://lazyfilmblog.wordpress.com) A blog that dissects film and televisual artistry. It was Matt who first introduced Olivia to film and the two have been keen to work together for a long time.

Cast: Olivia Foan, Stuart Vincent, Laura Costello, Megan Brice, Callum Mcguire, Jacob Melling

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