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Production Week

Production week is here!

It's been a 6 months of furious scribbling, storyboarding, fundraising, whatsapping and coffe-inhaling...but we have made it!

If you want an idea of what we are up to this week we would highly recommend our current inspirational watch: “The Last Watch” directed by Jeanie Finlay. It’s an honest and awe-inspiring look at the production work behind the last season of Game of Thrones. It shines a light on all the unsung heroes behind the series from exec producers to the head of snow. It also shows the importance of caffeine, hot meals and a hardy attitude when it comes to film-making - which we fully appreciate!!

One of the highlights is the cast table read- and we had our very own this weekend! It was so exciting to have the cast in a room and to hear the script come to life.

We also got a few great TV and film recommendations from the team we thought we would pass on:

Liv (Adelaide) - “Midsomar”. A raw and breathtaking look at toxic relationships and grief. Not for the faint of heart, a real white knuckle ride! Watch on a big screen if you can.

Stuart (Glen) - “Avengers: Endgame”. A feat of film making and a classic for every inner comic nerd. Undeniably brilliant for a rainy day!

Milly (Director) - “Enough”. A hilarious 2-minute animation that explores moments of looisng your self control. You can fit that into your lunch break! Watch it here: https://vimeo.com/288230647

Amy (Producer) - “Queer Eye”. Because it sparks joy about the world we live in now, and because it just so darn feel good.

Jake (Phillip) - “Chernobyl”. Perhaps one of the most harrowing but most incredible series ever made. A stellar cast and incredible writing. You have to be in the right mood though according to Jake…

Laura (Sandra) - “Two For Joy”. A heartwrenching Indie film about a mother struggling to raise her children in the wake of her husband’s death. Get the tissues ready.

We’ll be updating you as the shoot continues, so stay tuned!

DP team